From August 1, 2020, we will start rolling out fiber to be fully ready with the Internet of the future on all our compatible sites by early 2021.

What does this mean for the user?

For the Resident, Student, End User, this means that the total throughput speed will increase.

What changes in the throughput speed?

At the moment we have an average throughput that is between 80 and 300 Mbps. as soon as fiber is active, this will be 350 Mbps download and 50 upload.

Depending on the current situation, users will have an extra 50 to 250 Mbps available.

What about the internet during the change?

During the works that we carry out, the interruption can last from 5 minutes to an hour and a half. We always try to keep the interruption as short as possible

What does this mean for the building owner / manager?

To put it simply, nothing changes for the owner or manager. Everything just continues to run as it has always done in the past.

How is the installation practically put together?

In most situations there is no fiber available in the building. At street level, this is 75% available in Ghent.

As soon as we can, we let our provider bring in fiber. This can be done in two ways, depending on the situation:

  • The glass fiber brought in above ground
  • The glass fiber brought in underground (as in the photo on the right)

This is then extended once the cable is inside to our installation. There we break down the current provider installation and install two new devices. This is an “ONTP” or fiber tapping point and an “NTP” or fiber optic modem. from the fiber optic modem it then goes to our installation.

Do I have to go on site myself as manager?

We at Wifibri arrange everything with the provider, from appointment to access to the buildings. We also continue to supervise on site during these works so that we are sure that everything is running correctly. It is therefore not necessary to be present on site, but you can be.

What does the installation cost?

The installation of the fiber optic is completely free of charge for our customers, we fully take care of these costs and all other administrative matters

Questions about the installation of fiber optics?

contact the wifibri helpdesk