Dear Student, Resident, Homeowner

Below is explained how you can apply for an access point or “WiFi box” for use within the Wifibri wired network, in order to create a wireless signal within the Room / studio / apartment.

Requirements to request a device:

  • Wifibri installed on student room / apartment
  • Registered Wifibri account
  • Wired internet
  • Connection to the internet

Go to the website of wifibri and login to your wifibri account

  1. Go to: or
  2. click on the “login” button on the wifibri website or go to “info -> For users -> Log in to your account” on the helpdesk website

Log in with your Wifibri account details

Once you have clicked on the Login button, you will be taken to the following page. Here you enter the credentials that you used for registering your Wifibri account. 

Go to Devices -> New AP request

Once logged in, you will see the button “New AP request” on the left of the screen and this under the “Devices” menu. You can click on this to proceed to the next step

Fill in and click on save

1 & 2: here you indicate the first two boxes, with which you agree to the payment of € 50, – deposit and € 5, – shipping.

3: Here you can indicate that the package will be sent to the nearest BPost collection point or parcel machine or that you want it sent to an address of your choice. With the second option you get the bottom screen, here you can enter the desired address

4: If there is anything extra that you want to include, you can put this in questions or remarks

5: Then, click on save

My AP requests

After clicking on save, you will see the request in the menu My AP requests. There you can also view the status of the application

Go to your email inbox

as soon as you have clicked on save you will also receive an email with the payment details.

Follow the steps in the email and make sure to mention your login with the payment so that we know which request the payment belongs to

Important: it is possible that the bank does not accept the sign “@” for mentions, just put a space here, instead: example: becomes example

Follow the package

We will send the package after we have received the payment. From that moment you can follow the package in your account, which you will find under: “Devices” -> “My AP requests” -> “Track” (on the right side of the screen). You will also receive a separate e-mail from BPost with the shipping details.